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wander management

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Integrated services for Long Term Care

We cover all your facility needs like wander management, nurse call, security services, staff management and training. The all in one solution for your facility growth.

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Nurse call on their wrist

With our unique nurse call system, your residents will be able to request aid from a nurse at any location inside or outside of the building.

When a resident wishes to use nurse call from their wrist, they simply need to hold down the button for three seconds. Once the nurse call is activated, the GeoWatch™ has a voice confirmation that will audibly say “Nurse call received”.

Our new technology not only provides the most accurate wander management system available, but also fully individualized resident care.

Caregivers can monitor each resident’s location and health 24/7 separately. Because each resident is unique, so are their care needs.

Independence and Dignity

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Wander Management

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The future of Wander Management. Geoangel uses proprietary cutting-edge technology to seamlessly determine the actual location of residents wherever they may be, inside the facility, inside the community, on the community grounds, or anywhere else in the world.

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Nurse Call

Nurses are provided with mobile devices to monitor residents 24/7, using our user-friendly application. Residents can feel confident that no matter their location, they can request help with just one tap on their GeoWatch™ any time they need.

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Individualized Care

Resident care should be as unique as your residents are. This means that everything about the resident can be individualized:. safe/unsafe zones, location, movement records, and step count.

A more productive staff

The future of Wander Management is here

Geoangel makes day-to-day work easier by combining a set of tools that no other system has. The ability to check the historical record of your resident’s movement and their interactions gives you the power to better allocate your staff where is most needed.

Being able to know when a resident needs help, at the moment they request it no matter where the resident is,  gives the staff the opportunity to assess any need that a resident may have right on time. By knowing which resident is requesting help and where they are located, gives the staff an advantage to act accordingly.

Geoangel has a time clocking system built in that allows you to automate the tracking of employee attendance and scheduling with no need for paying, configuring, or dealing with another set of software.

Geoangel offers the staff the posssibility to assess any given situation and address it accordingly without causing a disturbance to the other residents.

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Skilled Nursing Facility

Wander Management becomes easy with Geoangel. Geoangel allows staff to know the exact location of a resident within your facility, on grounds or anywhere in the world. Our intuitive system shows a map with the locations and status of all your residents. We also provide a wireless nurse call system that allows nurses and CNAs to instantly receive a notification when a resident requests help. Chat with us for more features and options.

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Assisted Living Facility

Be there for your residents right when they need you. Our unique Nurse Call system allows your personnel to receive a notification and quickly locate the resident on a map. A resident location can be tracked inside your facility, outside your facility and anywhere in the world. Families can check the location of their loved ones getting the assurance of how they are being taken care of.  

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Independent Living Facility

A medical alarm-like system that can easily integrate within any senior’s life, monitoring activity levels,  step count and fall detection. It can also function as an alarm system simply by touching a button, sending a notification with help requested. We also include location on-demand services, so family members know where seniors are anywhere in the world.


Meet the GeoWatch™

It is not the institutional looking device that you may know. But a comfortable feeling watch that most people are familiar with.

Residents can look around and see other residents, staff members and family members wearing a device that looks very similar; helping to normalize such a new technology in your facility.

Meet the GeoWatch™

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It is not the institutional looking device that you may know. But a comfortable feeling watch that most people are familiar with.

Residents can look around and see other residents, staff members and family members wearing a device that looks very similar; helping to normalize such a new technology in your facility.

NurseCall watch wander management

The GEOWATCH™ doesn’t make loud sounds or alarms, limiting feelings of being startled or shamed when a resident moves. It contains a heart-rate sensor that will automatically send an alarm to staff members if it no longer senses a heartbeat, indicating that the resident has removed the GEOWATCH™.

The GEOWATCH™ uses advanced motion sensing technology to detect falls, and to provide data on resident step counts to determine activity levels.

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The smart GeoWatch you’ll love

Family Services

Giving extra assurance and confidence to families with Geoangel.

Now more than ever family members want to be aware for their loved ones situation and condition. Geoangel can give families the certitude that their loved one’s are being taken care of and even get data input of their location and status.


Stand out from your competitors by giving families the tranquility and assurance they are looking for with a system that covers all your needs.


A device family powered by a robust app.

Geoangel mobile devices will make your day to day work much easier. Most of your work is not behind a desk, that’s why we’ve developed a pack of devices that can move with you. Powered by Geoangel’s app, your staff will get all the information related to any of your residents, anywhere in the facility. Access to location, status, and nurse call from anywhere with Geoangel’s devices.

Comfortable, familiar, advanced devices

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