• To assign a GeoWatch™ to a new resident, take a fully charged GeoWatch™ from the charging station. (Note: If the GeoWatch™ is below 100%, the time in between re-charging will be shortened. We recommend using a GeoWatch™ at 100% battery life).
  • In this case, the GeoWatch™ ID is #1109 (W1109).
  • Next, visit the resident who needs their brand-new GeoWatch™.
  • Place the GeoWatch™ on the resident’s wrist.
  • Next, you will assign the GeoWatch™ to this resident.
  • You will see a slide button called “ASSIGN” near the bottom of the GeoWatch™.
  • Slide the “ASSIGN” arrow to the right.
    • Once you slide the “ASSIGN” arrow, you will be asked to enter your password. The password is the six digit birth date of the employee assigning the GeoWatch™. You will then confirm your identity. It is important not to share passwords as it violates HIPAA and can have negative repercussions.
    • Once your identity is confirmed, the GeoWatch™ will then ask you to choose the name of the resident that you are assigning the GeoWatch™ to. After you have confirmed the resident name, the GeoWatch™ will look for a heartbeat.
    • Once the heartbeat is found, the GeoWatch™ is assigned to the resident. If the heart beat is NOT found, make sure the watch is making good skin contact with the resident so the GeoWatch™ sensor can pick up the heartbeat.
    • Once the GeoWatch™ is assigned, the screen will change slightly.
    • And that’s it! You have successfully assigned the GeoWatch™.

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