Trustworthy Wander Management Security System

Trustworthy Wander Management Security System

Trustworthy Wander Management Security System


APRIL, 2019


The job of a Healthcare administrator is not an easy one.  Feeling responsible for the lives of residents living inside a senior living community can bring both fulfillment and frustration.  One event that causes the most frustration and fear from administrators is a resident elopement.

Wandering residents living in skilled nursing facilities are more and more common as the prevalence of Alzheimer’s and other types of dementias increases.  The use of secured dementia units is an added layer of security used to prevent residents experiencing disorientation from exiting the community, but too many times secured doors are not enough to ensure safety.

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Wander Management Made Simple

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Security systems are used as another attempt at keeping residents safe inside the community.  Typical wander management systems use radio frequency-based technology; which is prone to interference and user errors.  These systems are in place in many communities that continue to have elopements.  Every administrator knows the fallibility of these wander management systems.  A resident may exit through their window or a door that isn’t equipped with a security system.  A resident may follow a visitor out the open door, while a staff member quiets the alarm without realizing the situation.  Or interference causes the alarm not to sound or the door not to lock. 

“Geoangel can report on a resident’s location both in and outside of your community.”

GeoGaurd Pro The Wander Management Solution

Geoangel offers a different solution.  One that is based on more modern technology and less prone to interference and errors.  Geoangel uses a unique combination of sensor readings to give the real-time, exact location of residents living within your community.  Similar to the GPS positioning that we all use for driving directions or to keep track of our cell phones, this technology doesn’t rely on radio frequencies or individual door alarms. 

Geoangel can report on a resident’s location both in and outside of your community.  One of the most unfortunate circumstances of an elopement is when we are unable to locate where they have gone.  With Geoangel, movement is trackable regardless of whether the resident is in or outside the walls of the facility. 

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Accurate resident location

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The wander management revolution

Think of the peace of mind that comes with knowing where your residents are any time, day or night.  Being able to be instantly alerted if a resident enters a space (or exits the building) while also being able to track the resident’s exact location brings a level of security that has been unattainable by other wander management solutions.  That security can be shared not just with the administrator charged with the safety of the residents living under their care, but the resident’s family members as well.

Trust is what everyone is healthcare wants to give to our residents and their loved ones.  Geoangel is a revolutionary way to offer a more trustworthy wander management to those we serve.

The Future of Healthcare Wander Management is Here

The Future of Healthcare Wander Management is Here

The Future of Healthcare Wander Management is Here

When you think about your cell phone from 15 years ago, what did you have?  The brand-new Blackberry?  Still using a flip phone or Nokia?  Now look at the phone you have now…you can instantly search the internet, manage home security, pay bills or push a button for a ride to the airport.  Technology moves forward and gives us better, more agile ways to manage our lives, and hopefully makes them easier.

Geoangel is upgrading the way healthcare balances resident safety and independence.

Healthcare Wander Management Hasn’t Advanced for the Past Twenty Years

Wander management in the healthcare setting is virtually unchanged over the last two decades.  The same technology is present as is used to prevent shoplifting: RFID.  This technology served an excellent purpose at its onset, helping to solve the issue of residents wandering out of a facility through an alarmed door.  And we were as excited about it as our flip phones!  But as technology has advanced, the solutions for residents has not.

Why RFID Technology Should be Obsolete

The problem with RFID is that it’s limited, fallible and identical for each resident.  Residents may not decide to walk out of the front door when deciding they want to go outside…and other doors may not be equipped with the RFID sensors.  Residents may also exit windows or gates outside in a state of confusion.

RFID systems are also fallible.  Because of interference and sensor maintenance, alarms may not sound as residents walk through doors.  One contact told us a story of a resident with an RFID tag exiting the community through the doors without difficulty, but the alarm sounding and doors locking when they attempted to re enter.

RFID systems are the same for every person who wears it.  The resident approaches, the door locks…the end.  Regardless of each resident’s capabilities or limitations, the results are the same…NOT individualized.

Geoangel is the Future of  Healthcare Wander Management

Geoangel changes everything.  It uses technologies that are tested and widely used but refocuses them in a new way: for independence and safety in the healthcare setting.  The Geoangel system is monitored 24/7 to ensure that all systems are working well.  And with built in levels of redundancy and overlap, you can rest assured that residents are protected regardless.  Using a unique mapping system, zones can be created that allow residents to move inside different areas of the facility, or alert staff if they enter other zones that may pose a concern for that individual.

It also works ANYWHERE.  In cases when a resident may wander unsafely away from the facility or get separated on an outing, Geoangel can help you locate your resident in any city, all over the world.

It would seem crazy to trade in our smart phone for a flip phone today (remember hitting each button three times to get the right letter to text?!)  Once you see the difference that Geoangel technology can bring to the healthcare profession, other systems will feel just as obsolete as your old cell phone.

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Geoangel at the AHCA Convention and Expo

Geoangel at the AHCA Convention and Expo

demencia careGeoangel at the AHCA Convention and Expo

Geoangel was proud to share its product and vision at the 2018 American Heath Care Association Convention and Expo in San Diego, California, in early October.  AHCA works to gather operators and clinicians from across the spectrum of skilled nursing, assisted living and other post-acute providers throughout the country.  AHCA blends educational seminars with opportunities to meet with and explore a wide array of vendors in the Expo Hall at the convention.

The convention was opened by Keynote Speaker Captain Scott Kelly, former US Astronaut and Navy Captain.  Captain Kelly’s message of dreaming big and testing the status quo reflected his history making contributions to the United States’ space program.

Advancing dementia care

Among the themes of the many educational offerings were advancing dementia care:  making care more personalized, encouraging independence, as well as preventing accidents.  Providers from across the country continue to strive for the balance between ensuring safety for those who live with dementia and promoting a sense of independence and individuality.  Speakers referred to the importance of maintaining tasks of daily living that have been critical components to a person’s life and identity.  Many times, this means reinventing the task in a safer and more manageable way.  Unfortunately, too often it may mean stopping the activity completely because of worry about safety or injury.

Geoangel – Real time location and clinical data

Geoangel revolutionizes a new balance! Geoangel uses a unique combination of technologies to provide real time location and clinical data to help maintain safety while allowing independence and wellness like never before.  Imagine a master gardener living with advancing dementia still being able to work throughout an outdoor garden space without fear of wandering away.  Or an avid walker being able to stroll beautiful grounds as they desire without having to feel demeaned or restricted by having an escort.  This new revolution is possible today with Geoangel.

The power of Captain Scott Kelly’s work inspires us to do hard things; to think beyond what we current do and think of a better way.  That better way is Geoangel.

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Outdoor Health Benefits With High-Tech Wander Management

Outdoor Health Benefits With High-Tech Wander Management

Outdoor health benefitsOutdoor Health Benefits With High-Tech Wander Management

There’s just something about being outside.  It makes us feel energized, refreshed, centered and alive. That is why Geoangel offers an alternative to  Wander Management that is Geography based, allowing residents to unlock Outdoor Health Benefits. Several research studies have shown that simply being in nature helps to reduce cortisol levels (a stress marker), improves immunities, helps create Vitamin D as well as fights depression and anxiety.  There is also a connection between physical activity and brain function. But as we age, spending time in the great outdoors can present its own set of challenges.  Seniors may struggle with mobility and worries about falling; causing some to avoid what they see as an increased risk for fatigue or loss of balance on an unfamiliar surface.  Seniors may also feel frustration with not being able to pursue their outdoor interests as they once had.  Rather than enjoying time on the patio, seniors may fret over no longer feeling able to mow, garden or rake.  Another challenge may be one of forgetfulness or confusion.  In the early stages of dementia, a person may cling to familiar places and spaces to help bridge feelings of worsening disorientation.  This may lead seniors, or those who love them, to remain inside rather than venturing out.

Outdoor health benefits for everyone, doctor’s orders!

For seniors who find their mobility to be lessened, time outside can be exactly what the doctor ordered!  Research shows that exercising in an outdoor setting makes the efforts feels easier as well as the general benefits of physical movements and cardiovascular exertion.  Walks outside are a definite improvement from spending too much time indoors, remaining inactive. For those who regret feeling unable to participate in outdoor activities that they used to, consider how that activity might be reimagined.  For the gardener who may have trouble kneeling to work in traditional beds, consider an elevated or raised bed.  This will allow seniors to continue to enjoy gardening without the worry of kneeling and rising.

Geoangel Wander Management – Independence and Safety.

When problems with confusion prevent seniors from going out of doors, consider how to allow them maximum freedom while still ensuring safety.  Walking with friends, taking part in a walking club or using secured outdoor spaces are options to help continue mobility even when confusion is an issue.  Another option uses technology to promote independence while ensuring safety. Geoangel offers location monitoring as well as geofencing that allows seniors to continue to lead active, healthy and happy lives despite challenges that arise with age.  There IS a better way to maintain independent, activity and safety.

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