Geoangel Long Term Care

Effective LTC Staff Strategies –

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Innovative tools can not only take better care of residents – but better care of valuable staff, too!

Nursing care staff in a residential care facility are some of the hardest-working folks you will ever meet.  Ask one of them how many miles he or she travels up and down the halls in a shift – definitely no problem getting the daily steps in! People who go into the nursing profession wish to make a difference in the lives of the elderly and disabled but are often frustrated by the lack of time to give the one-on-one care that is ideal.  At the same time, facility administrators and managers are often frustrated by budgetary restraints that don’t allow the kind of staff numbers they would love to provide.

Help Prevent LTC Staff Burnout

Nursing staff burnout has been a problem for quite some time, especially in long-term care – one of the most difficult care settings.  The pandemic has amplified this burnout trend, as reported by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, with increased rates of grief, trauma, long-term stress, and exhaustion for staff.  The pandemic, plus inability to successfully provide the best care possible, has resulted in lasting damage to healthcare workers and difficulty recruiting new staff.

In the face of all these constraints – more residents, fewer LTC staff, and a difficult job that is not getting any easier – we must ask the question:

Is there a better way? Can staff work smarter, not harder, to care for residents?

Geoangel can now proudly say YES!

The age-old challenge of protecting the safety of residents, while maintaining their independence is tough. Instead of moving residents to areas where they can be more easily monitored by staff, such as lined up in hallways or group areas, what if locations could be tracked and safety monitored in real-time (RTLS), instantaneously? The extra layer of safety is inobtrusive for residents, and a seamless addition to the workflow for LTC staff.

Residents wear a smartwatch device and are allowed to wander freely in pre-designated areas. LTC Staff have tablets with an app that tracks and alerts when residents are in a restricted area for them, so they can quickly be redirected.

An intuitive interface

Through the computer map on the GeoTablet, there is easy access and an intuitive interface. Staff easily learn the system within no time. Staff can trace any potential hazard such as exposure to a pathogen such as COVID-19. All of the location tracking can be done wirelessly and in real-time. Instead of spending unnecessary time and resources finding and relocating the “lost” resident, the emphasis can instead be shifted to cleaning, isolation, and reduction of the spread of infection. In other words, the focus can be transferred to saving lives, in addition to better prevention of infection and avoidance of potential problems.

Support Residents and Staff

Tablet-based Geoangel technology is the type of practical innovation that changes the caregiving industry for the better.  When staff feel supported and able to better take care of residents, it fosters a new momentum, and the work culture begins to move in the right direction again. The ability to do less back-and-forth locating residents to prevent at-risk behavior, and more time to listen, smile, and engage with residents, improves employee satisfaction. Geoangel suggests that staff take part in care meetings that define green, yellow, and red (danger) zones – individualized for each resident.  With input from daily caregivers, each resident can live at peak independence – depending on his or her mental and physical ability.

Data-Driven Staffing Decisions


Another great feature that comes from using Geoangel is the ability to view residents’ patterns of activity and develop even more effective staffing models.  The important data that comes from usage patterns, response times, and numbers of redirections can arm managers with much needed tools.  Data-driven decision-making is ingrained in healthcare, and now staffing decisions can be based on solid information as well.


A real solution

Geoangel produces happier residents that can stroll in safe areas at their leisure, enjoy fresh air, engage in activities, and enjoy independence at a safely defined level. It also produces LTC staff that breathe a sigh of relief, get excited about work again, and start to remember why they began this healthcare journey! Fewer call lights, fewer patient falls, and reduced staff turnover can be yours. Let us show you the benefits of putting Geoangel to work in your facility and request a free demo. You will be just as excited as we are about how the day-to-day lives of both your residents and staff can improve for the better with this smart technology.”