Geoangel helps SNFs Overcome Covid-19 Fallout





You need a system that not only helps you and your staff work more efficiently, but also to overcome this crisis and increase your census by bringing in new residents and earning the trust of families. Here’s how we can help.

This crisis that the world is going through, especially with the second wave of cases surging; has put enormous pressure on caregivers. With the lasting impact of Covid-19 there is a tremendous effect on the expectations that families have for nursing homes and assisted living facilities.


Gain the families’ trust again

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From the point of view of a family whose loved ones are living in a nursing facility, the fact that, still in many cases, they cannot go to check on their relatives has created a sense of anxiety and mistrust. Family trust is hard to obtain and even harder to maintain. It is understandable that in hard times, they want to check on and be there for their family. When you can’t do that, you want to be sure that those in charge of their safety and health are doing what’s best.

But what can you do?

Nurse Call capabilities

Geoangel sends live data to staff so care givers can be aware of residents’ activity levels, including the Fall Danger Alert. That combined with the Nurse Call functionality, enabling a resident to press a button on Geoangel’s GeoWatch™ from anywhere and notify a nurse they are in need of assistance, gives the staff the option to assess the situation immediately by knowing the resident’s identity, and location. These features make Geoangel a system like no other, and a basic tool for an efficient nursing home.

Accurate resident location

Geoangel also provides accurate location services, to know (within 2 inches) the exact position of each resident, inside, outside, or anywhere in the world. Families love these features, that’s why so many facilities are turning to Geoangel as their wander management system.

Additionally, our Infection Control and Contact Tracing feature, will allow the staff to trace human interactions that each resident has had during the previous two weeks in case someone has Covid-19 symptoms.

As you read this, Geoangel is helping many facilities across the country increase their census and gain back the trust from families and residents. Geoangel’s team understands your challenges and that’s why we have created a solution that will not only help you return to a solid position, but also help you reach a new frontier of care giving services.