demencia careGeoangel at the AHCA Convention and Expo

Geoangel was proud to share its product and vision at the 2018 American Heath Care Association Convention and Expo in San Diego, California, in early October.  AHCA works to gather operators and clinicians from across the spectrum of skilled nursing, assisted living and other post-acute providers throughout the country.  AHCA blends educational seminars with opportunities to meet with and explore a wide array of vendors in the Expo Hall at the convention.

The convention was opened by Keynote Speaker Captain Scott Kelly, former US Astronaut and Navy Captain.  Captain Kelly’s message of dreaming big and testing the status quo reflected his history making contributions to the United States’ space program.

Advancing dementia care

Among the themes of the many educational offerings were advancing dementia care:  making care more personalized, encouraging independence, as well as preventing accidents.  Providers from across the country continue to strive for the balance between ensuring safety for those who live with dementia and promoting a sense of independence and individuality.  Speakers referred to the importance of maintaining tasks of daily living that have been critical components to a person’s life and identity.  Many times, this means reinventing the task in a safer and more manageable way.  Unfortunately, too often it may mean stopping the activity completely because of worry about safety or injury.

Geoangel – Real time location and clinical data

Geoangel revolutionizes a new balance! Geoangel uses a unique combination of technologies to provide real time location and clinical data to help maintain safety while allowing independence and wellness like never before.  Imagine a master gardener living with advancing dementia still being able to work throughout an outdoor garden space without fear of wandering away.  Or an avid walker being able to stroll beautiful grounds as they desire without having to feel demeaned or restricted by having an escort.  This new revolution is possible today with Geoangel.

The power of Captain Scott Kelly’s work inspires us to do hard things; to think beyond what we current do and think of a better way.  That better way is Geoangel.

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