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a device to revolutionize your care


for Nurse Call Service

The GeoWatch™ has Nurse call capabilities for residents. This state-of-the-art device is meant to work from any location. With just one tap on the GeoWatch™, residents can request help. The nearest and most available caregiver will receive a notification, see the residents’ location, and get the help they need.

wander management system

Wander Management System with

The GeoWatch™


Our state-of-the-art wander management system is capable of locating any resident wearing the GeoWatch™ wether inside of the facility, outside, or anywhere in the world.

Step 1

The resident leaves a safe designated zone, and enters into an unsafe zone.

Step 3

Quickly, the nearest and most available caregiver locates the resident.

Step 2

Alerts show on the nearest caregiver device with the resident’s current location and status.

Step 4

The caregiver acompanys him into a safe designated zone.


non institutional look and feel smartwatch


Residents can look around and see other residents, staff members and family members wearing a device that looks very similar; helping to normalize such a new technology in your facility. The GeoWatch™ doesn’t make loud sounds or alarms, which won’t startle your residents.

Geowatch wander management

The GeoWatch™

will Individualize your Care

Customized Care

Because every resident has different needs and capabilities, Geoangel created a system where you can customize your care. 


A Geozone is any area of your facility: inside, outside, or a combination of both.  A Geozone allows you to define a set of virtual boundaries that you would like to treat differently for individual residents.

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Individualized Geozones

Each resident will be able to have Geozones customized as safe or unsafe, according to your professional criteria. This enables you to provide an individualized care and experience to your residents.

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