• Dot Colors: There are 4 status colors a GeoWatch™ may display. GeoWatches™ indicated in green are located safely inside the building. A yellow indication means the GeoWatch™ is unassigned but needs attention (either low on battery or is powered off). A gray status indicates the watch is not assigned to a resident and is fully charged. A red status is a life safety alert which will trigger an alert banner at the top of the screen.
  • The Color Filter at the top right of the tablet allows you to customize the colors of dots that you see. You are able to turn off yellow or grey dots which will allow you to only see green and red. This allows you to easily see all active watches as well as any alerts.
  • Moving the Map: To navigate the map, it’s as easy as any phone or tablet you may be used to. Drag your finger to move the map around, pinch and expand to zoom in and out of the map. Tap the bottom menu and select the crosshair button on the bottom-right corner to re-center the view of your map.


Home Screen 1 Home Screen
  • Battery Percentage: Battery life is indicated by percentages in the left-hand menu, just to the right of the Watch name (i.e. “W2”). The GeoWatch™ will turn to a yellow status when the battery is below 10%.
Home Screen 2 Home Screen
Home Screen 3 Home Screen
  • Search Bar: Located in the top-left corner, the search bar will allow you to look for a specific GeoWatch™ by typing in the Watch ID (i.e. W9).
  • You are able to see an individual resident’s name rather than their watch number if you log in. If you select a dot, you will see the option to sign in by clicking the icon of a person. Using your six digit DOB pin, you can log in and the tablet will display the name and information of the individual resident you have selected. After 30 seconds of inactivity, you will be logged out and all identifying information will disappear.
  • You can also log in by clicking the stacked menu on the bottom right and selecting the icon of a person. Both options will allow you to see resident names and will log out after 30 seconds.
Home Screen 4 Home Screen

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