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Amazing Wander Management

Geoangel uses a GeoWatch instead of a clunky ankle bracelet. The GeoWatch looks similar to mainstream smartwatches. It is not the institutional-looking box, but a comfortable feeling watch that mirrors a traditional timepiece worn by many. Residents can look around and see other residents, staff members and family members wearing a device that looks very similar; limiting the amount of embarrassment or shame a resident feels when considering a device placed on their body. The GeoWatch doesn’t make loud sounds or alarms, limiting feelings of being startled or shamed when a resident moves. The GeoWatch sends a series of notifications to the staff caring for the resident if the resident moves into an unsafe area. Staff can then respond in a compassionate way rather than alarms sounding if a resident gets too close to a door. Families who are struggling with the placement in a senior living community can also be offered this extra peace of mind. Families can know that their loved one is safe and secure using advanced technology without the use of traditional, embarrassing ankle bracelets and alarms that can fail or be ineffective in some types of elopements. When you know better, you do better. There doesn’t have to be a compromise between a resident’s dignity and their safety. You can have both with Geoangel.

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