Nurse Call on the Wrist

With nurse call, your residents will be able to request aid from a nurse at any location inside or outside of the building. This system does not replace your current call light system but is a way to ensure residents have access to nurse call even if they are not able to find a pull cord.

When you assign a GeoWatch™ to a resident, you may notice the assigned watch screen has changed. This new screen has the time enlarged for easier reading and a button on the lower third of the screen. This button is what a resident will use to activate the nurse call from their wrist. (split screen with previous version of watch)

Nurse call

When a resident wishes to use nurse call from their wrist, they simply need to hold down the button for three seconds. The GeoWatch™ counts down for them and instructs them on what to do. Once the nurse call is activated, the GeoWatch™ has a voice confirmation that will audibly say “Nurse call received”.

The GeoWatch™ will then have a blue icon on the top of the screen letting the resident know that their nurse call is active and awaiting response. On the tablet, a menu will pop out on the top right of the screen when a nurse call is active. The calls will appear in order of oldest on top of the list to newest on the bottom to ensure that assistance is received in a timely manner.

Nurse Call on the Wrist 1 Nurse Call

To answer a nurse call, you must click the blue “Answer” button in the menu on the tablet. The tablet will then ask you to login. You can use your six-digit password to do so. Once you are logged in, the tablet will prompt you to confirm your identity and then to confirm that you wish to answer the call for the resident whose call you selected. You cannot see resident names without logging in to the system.

Areas such as the main lobby or a multipurpose room do not have nurses assigned to them. For this reason, if a resident uses nurse call in one of those areas, it will ring to the tablet that is in the last nurse covered area the resident was in. For example if the resident is coming from their room in Wing A but uses their nurse call in the main lobby, the nurse call will ring to the tablet in Wing A as that was the last area the resident was in with nursing staff assigned to it.

If out of area, a nurse call alert will show text of the resident’s location. For example, Our Building, Floor 1, Main Lobby. This is to ensure you can find the resident who made the nurse call even if they are not located in your wing currently.

Nurse Call on the Wrist 2 Nurse Call

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