Astonishing Real Time Location for Dementia Residents


JUN, 2019



Advances in technology make things, we never thought possible, a reality.  Consider how we used to have to give family and friends the phone numbers to hotels when we traveled or worry about calls from children at work before the cell phone became mainstream.  Consider how much information exchange has changed from relying on traditional mail service to faxing, scanning and emailing.

Technology has tremendous capability to change the current state of wander management in healthcare.  30 years ago, residents who wandered were locked behind a door, or worse, chemically or physically restrained from moving at all.  Then we moved to a new type of technology that alarmed when a tag on a resident passed a doorway sensor.  And still many years later, this is still the state of most of healthcare’s wander management:  a resident with a tag or bracelet goes past a door, a loud alarm hopefully goes off.  Geoangel is a solution that uses current technologies to improve the lives of both residents and the staff that care for them.

Real time location

A human approach to Wander Management

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Geoangel uses mainstream technologies in a different setting:  healthcare.  Residents wear an attractive GeoWatch; that looks like today’s smart watches.  Sensors placed strategically in a healthcare facility are used to identify where residents are both inside and outside the community’s walls.  Inside the facility, communities can identify if a resident is in a space that is unsafe, like stairwells, kitchens, or administrative areas.  Outside the facility, communities can identify when residents are safely inside a courtyard or move outside of community grounds.

“Geoangel also uses a real time map of your community that shows where residents are at all times.”

Real Time Location Impact

Imagine as a nurse that you can know the location of one of your residents at the touch of a button or a glance at a map.  Imagine that as a CNA you are able to allow a resident in the courtyard to enjoy some sunshine without being worried about them wandering away without your knowledge.  All of this is possible with Geoangel. 

Often caregivers are forced to deny residents more independence such as going outside on a nice day or going to an activity with a group outside a secured unit because of fear for the resident to wander into an unsafe situation.  Geoangel changes that.   With Geoangel, you are alerted when a resident moves from a safe zone (that you designate) to an unsafe zone (that you also determine).  This alert is not the noisy, intrusive beeping currently in place.  It is transmitted using a series of notifications that are customized to escalate up to CNAs, nurses, leadership, and administrators…even to fire and rescue if you desire.  Geoangel also uses a real time map of your community that shows where residents are at all times.

Real time location

Accurate resident location

GeoWatch wander management

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The wander management revolution

A new era in wander management

Geoangel allows maximum independence for residents without maximum time commitments from staff.  This system can be used in any healthcare setting.  For skilled nursing care, it allows more safety and security for those struggling with wandering or exit seeking behaviors.  For assisted living, it allows residents to remain in a comfortable setting for longer than is currently possible.  For hospitals, it can help with not only safety but also the varying needs of mentally ill, intellectually disabled, or acutely ill patients.

Geoangel offers advances that we didn’t think possible; offering a new type of quality of life to those we serve.