Revolutionary Wander Management System Becomes Cost Efficient


MAY, 2019


Healthcare operators work on a tight budget.  Every dollar, and many times penny, counts in making ends meet while balancing resident safety and comfort. 

When looking at new systems, technologies or products, one of the first questions asked is “How much is all this going to cost?”  That question is a frequent one at Geoangel.  When administrators and operators hear about the revolutionary system that can track resident’s location in real time, they brace themselves for the estimated cost…but then are pleasantly surprised when they are given their quote.  Often times you can then see in their eyes, “What’s the catch?”

There is no catch (Price explained) 

Geoangel uses modern technology that everyone is familiar with, the type that helps you drive your car to a new location, find your phone if you lose it or see if your child has arrived home from school but in a new way: in a healthcare setting.  Typical wander management systems use old technology…and in this case, old technology is more expensive.  Typical wander management systems still use hard wired, difficult to set up technology used to prevent elopement.  Geoangel uses modern technology and equipment for a much lower installation cost as well as much less disruption to the resident’s environment.


Wander Management Made Simple

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Typical wander management systems only work on doors that have the system installed.  The more doors that you chose to have secured, the larger the cost becomes.  This puts operators in a position of having to choose between resident safety and an ever-tightening budget.  Geoangel operates in your entire campus and grounds, not individual doors.  Thus allowing a much more cost-effective approach to both elopement prevention and resident safety.

“Geoangel staff alerts you to and responds to an issue before the resident’s safety is compromised, not after. “

GeoGaurd Pro a Cost-Effective Wander Management

Geoangel also allows for low-cost system maintenance.  Typical systems required radio frequency ankle bracelets to be replaced every year.  Geoangel uses rechargeable and programmable GeoWatches; eliminating the need for routine replacement.   Old wander management systems require costly technician visits and adjustments whenever there is an issue or malfunction.  Since Geoangel is a technology-based system, it is constantly monitored remotely for health and function by Geoangel experts, not your staff.  Geoangel staff alerts you to and responds to an issue before the resident’s safety is compromised, not after. Geoangel also replaces and maintains equipment within the cost of your monthly subscription.  No need for costly technicians, service calls or replacement equipment.


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The wander management revolution

Of course, it is difficult to put a price on resident safety; but there is a cost to citations for an elopement.  The estimates of the long-range cost of an elopement are near one million dollars. Between civil money penalties, the loss of revenue associated with lower survey scores, as well as loss of consumer confidence can greatly affect the financial success of an operation.  Geoangels reliable, real-time location tracking of residents both in and outside a facilities walls make elopements nearly impossible including their devastating financial effects.

New technology can feel expensive, especially when looking at all the benefits that Geoangel can offer. But in the same way that a vintage turntable costs more than a music streaming service, old wander management technology is more costly to install and operate than new, more innovative technologies of Geoangel.  There is no catch…Geoangel helps to protect your residents AND your budget.