Doing what we can

to help in the fight
against COVID-19

#Stay home

Our commitment

Because Geoangel is committed to fighting COVID-19 with the rest of the world, we want everyone to know that all Geoangel employees are safely working from home, and continuing to make their best efforts during this time of crisis. As Always, we prioritize the safety and health of all residents in their facilities, before anything else, so two weeks ago, we suspended all onsite work in senior facilities, for an indeterminate amount of time, until the risks of transmitting the virus inside the facilities has significantly diminished.

We would like to extend all of our support to first responders who are arduously working to ensure the safety and health of our fellow citizens in different scenarios including hospitals and nursing/senior living facilities. Geoangel ‘s advice in this time of crisis is a message of unity and compassion.

Soome of our PROFESsIONALs

Gina Ruiz – Account Manager

“As someone who works directly with residents and staff in facilities, it is imperative that their health and safety is always my top priority. Thankfully this is also the top priority of Geoangel. As we all navigate through this difficult time, we can take comfort in knowing we all are focused on the same goal: keeping your residents safe and healthy.”

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Robert Ruiz – Account Manager

“I’m happy to work for a company that puts the safety of residents first. As the news was unfolding earlier this month, management told us to come back home. Even though they knew it would set us back, they took the precautionary measure to put the residents first. I’m proud to work for a company that prioritizes safety, not only for the residents, but also for their employees ”

Expressing our love from a distance

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