Switching Out a Depleted GeoWatch™ For a Fully Charged GeoWatch™

  • Either at your designated switch out time or if the GeoWatch™ battery is below 20%, you will need to switch the depleted GeoWatch™ to a fully charged GeoWatch™.
  • Place a fully charged GeoWatch™ on the resident’s wrist next to the GeoWatch™ you will be replacing. Slide the assign button to the right on the new GeoWatch™. You will be asked to enter your password and confirm your identity.
  • Once you have confirmed your identity, simply select the name of the resident you are assigning the new GeoWatch™ to. The GeoWatch™ will then look for a heartbeat.
  • Once the new GeoWatch™ has found a heartbeat, it will automatically assign the new GeoWatch™ to the resident and unassign the GeoWatch™ with the lower battery percentage. The old GeoWatch™ can now be removed and placed on the charger.

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