The Future of Healthcare Wander Management is Here

When you think about your cell phone from 15 years ago, what did you have?  The brand-new Blackberry?  Still using a flip phone or Nokia?  Now look at the phone you have now…you can instantly search the internet, manage home security, pay bills or push a button for a ride to the airport.  Technology moves forward and gives us better, more agile ways to manage our lives, and hopefully makes them easier.

Geoangel is upgrading the way healthcare balances resident safety and independence.

Healthcare Wander Management Hasn’t Advanced for the Past Twenty Years

Wander management in the healthcare setting is virtually unchanged over the last two decades.  The same technology is present as is used to prevent shoplifting: RFID.  This technology served an excellent purpose at its onset, helping to solve the issue of residents wandering out of a facility through an alarmed door.  And we were as excited about it as our flip phones!  But as technology has advanced, the solutions for residents has not.

Why RFID Technology Should be Obsolete

The problem with RFID is that it’s limited, fallible and identical for each resident.  Residents may not decide to walk out of the front door when deciding they want to go outside…and other doors may not be equipped with the RFID sensors.  Residents may also exit windows or gates outside in a state of confusion.

RFID systems are also fallible.  Because of interference and sensor maintenance, alarms may not sound as residents walk through doors.  One contact told us a story of a resident with an RFID tag exiting the community through the doors without difficulty, but the alarm sounding and doors locking when they attempted to re enter.

RFID systems are the same for every person who wears it.  The resident approaches, the door locks…the end.  Regardless of each resident’s capabilities or limitations, the results are the same…NOT individualized.

Geoangel is the Future of  Healthcare Wander Management

Geoangel changes everything.  It uses technologies that are tested and widely used but refocuses them in a new way: for independence and safety in the healthcare setting.  The Geoangel system is monitored 24/7 to ensure that all systems are working well.  And with built in levels of redundancy and overlap, you can rest assured that residents are protected regardless.  Using a unique mapping system, zones can be created that allow residents to move inside different areas of the facility, or alert staff if they enter other zones that may pose a concern for that individual.

It also works ANYWHERE.  In cases when a resident may wander unsafely away from the facility or get separated on an outing, Geoangel can help you locate your resident in any city, all over the world.

It would seem crazy to trade in our smart phone for a flip phone today (remember hitting each button three times to get the right letter to text?!)  Once you see the difference that Geoangel technology can bring to the healthcare profession, other systems will feel just as obsolete as your old cell phone.

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