The Ultimate Wander Management System that has you covered

“Not all those who wander are lost.”—J.R.R. Tolkien

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to change their practices, adapt, and tread into uncharted territory, but as J.R.R Tolkien reminded us we do not have to be “lost.” Health care institutions such as assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and long-term care facilities have faced additional trials. In the face of these challenges, there has been the emergence of real solutions.

The Geoangel system is one of them. It has provided some welcome relief, using a revolutionary proprietary technology for wander management. The primary goals are safety, freedom, and independence since residents can be seen on a live computer map, but there are other surprising advantages as well, eliminating errors and redundancy. Patients, families, and staff have benefited from this latest advance.

The learning curve during the pandemic has been steep. Personal protective equipment, COVID testing, and plain common sense have just not been enough in many cases to keep residents safe and secure. Families and have dealt with not only the physical location of the resident or being “lost,” but also the expanded problems of whether the resident was “lost” in an unsafe environment.

The Geoangel system offers a unique ability for contact tracing using the GeoWatch and the nurse tracking system using a GeoTablet, and the creation of safe areas known as GeoZones. It is one thing to be able to know the precise location of a resident at a given time; it is a whole other thing to know where the resident has been and who or what he or she had come in contact with along the way.

An intuitive interface

Through the computer map on the GeoTablet, there is easy access and an intuitive interface. Staff easily learn the system within no time. Staff can trace any potential hazard such as exposure to a pathogen such as COVID-19. All of the location tracking can be done wirelessly and in real-time. Instead of spending unnecessary time and resources finding and relocating the “lost” resident, the emphasis can instead be shifted to cleaning, isolation, and reduction of the spread of infection. In other words, the focus can be transferred to saving lives, in addition to better prevention of infection and avoidance of potential problems.

Non prone to interference

The Geoangel system is made possible by the use of the GeoWatch. The GeoWatch is unlike any other since it is easy to use, and it looks like a new style of smartwatch that family members will probably want for themselves. It avoids false alarms because it doesn’t use RFID or microwave technology like other similar devices. It has special features which are designed for anyone to be able to use instantly. The GeoWatch works with a simple touch.

Much More than

Resident Location

One of the most remarkable advantages of the Geoangel system is that in addition to narrowing down the location of the resident, it offers an enormous, rich data source that had been previously unavailable. It allows the staff and institution to calculate the true cost of care for each resident, making it a sound investment and savings in the long run.

Best serve

Your Residents

Armed with the information about where residents are, where they need to be, and how to best serve their individual needs, staff can improve workflows, monitor time better, and achieve patient and family satisfaction while maintaining safety.


Checking all the boxes

In summary, the Geoangel system empowers the staff to not just be effective, but efficient. The system is a cost-saving extension of services rather than merely an added convenience. It is invaluable in any healthcare setting where

Not all those who wander are lost.”