1. What if the resident takes off the GeoWatch™?

If a resident takes off the GeoWatch™, all you would need to do is assist them in getting it back on. However, we know that some residents may resist keeping the watch on. We have a few suggestions on how to help your residents become comfortable with wearing the GeoWatch™.

  • Explain to your resident what the watch does and how it will help. Many people (not just residents) have aversions to new things. That’s completely normal. However, when you phrase what this GeoWatch™ will do correctly and re-assure them it’s not a punishment, that will relieve any initial fear they may have.
  • A dementia patient keeps fiddling/taking the GeoWatch™ off. We understand that residents with dementia will be resistant to wearing the GeoWatch™ and, in this case, explaining what it is may not help. We have seen that, over time, dementia patients slowly get used to wearing the GeoWatch™ because it’s something that they are familiar with and makes sense to them (as opposed to an ankle restraint).
  • “I’ve tried everything but they refuse to keep the GeoWatch™ on.” As a last resort, If a resident is resistant, despite your attempts to familiarize them with what the GeoWatch™ is used for, we do offer locking bands to prevent the GeoWatch™ being taken off. Please contact your Account Manager if you would like to order these bands. Again, we do not recommend taking this path and encourage you to find some way to help the resident become acquainted with the GeoWatch™.
  1. Something is wrong with my GeoWatch™/GeoTablet™. What do I do?
  • If you run into any errors, frozen/blank screens, or any other issue with our devices, please contact your Account Manager to try and troubleshoot the issue. When calling, please notate the Time & Date and GeoWatch™ and/or GeoTablet™ ID (i.e. W2 and/or T4).
  1. Why does a GeoWatch™ show up in the wrong spot on the map?
  • As a part of our system learning the layout of your facility, you may notice that GeoWatches™ are not in the correct places from time to time. This is a completely normal part of the process as the sensors and watches become accustomed to the facility setup (internet & wifi, areas of the building, etc.). Please contact your Account Manager with the same information from the previous question so we can make adjustments on our end.

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