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APRIL, 2019


The job of a Healthcare administrator is not an easy one.  Feeling responsible for the lives of residents living inside a senior living community can bring both fulfillment and frustration.  One event that causes the most frustration and fear from administrators is a resident elopement.

Wandering residents living in skilled nursing facilities are more and more common as the prevalence of Alzheimer’s and other types of dementias increases.  The use of secured dementia units is an added layer of security used to prevent residents experiencing disorientation from exiting the community, but too many times secured doors are not enough to ensure safety.

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Security systems are used as another attempt at keeping residents safe inside the community.  Typical wander management systems use radio frequency-based technology; which is prone to interference and user errors.  These systems are in place in many communities that continue to have elopements.  Every administrator knows the fallibility of these wander management systems.  A resident may exit through their window or a door that isn’t equipped with a security system.  A resident may follow a visitor out the open door, while a staff member quiets the alarm without realizing the situation.  Or interference causes the alarm not to sound or the door not to lock. 

“Geoangel can report on a resident’s location both in and outside of your community.”

GeoGaurd Pro The Wander Management Solution

Geoangel offers a different solution.  One that is based on more modern technology and less prone to interference and errors.  Geoangel uses a unique combination of sensor readings to give the real-time, exact location of residents living within your community.  Similar to the GPS positioning that we all use for driving directions or to keep track of our cell phones, this technology doesn’t rely on radio frequencies or individual door alarms. 

Geoangel can report on a resident’s location both in and outside of your community.  One of the most unfortunate circumstances of an elopement is when we are unable to locate where they have gone.  With Geoangel, movement is trackable regardless of whether the resident is in or outside the walls of the facility. 

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Think of the peace of mind that comes with knowing where your residents are any time, day or night.  Being able to be instantly alerted if a resident enters a space (or exits the building) while also being able to track the resident’s exact location brings a level of security that has been unattainable by other wander management solutions.  That security can be shared not just with the administrator charged with the safety of the residents living under their care, but the resident’s family members as well.

Trust is what everyone is healthcare wants to give to our residents and their loved ones.  Geoangel is a revolutionary way to offer a more trustworthy wander management to those we serve.