Know our fully Individualized Wander Management.  Locate residents Inside and Outside your building. Get a Nurse Call when residents need you.

YES, it is possible!


  • Reliable Wander Management solution that protects people who wander.
  • Allows and promotes freedom of movement and exercise.
  • Real-time tracking both inside and outside of a facility.  Using a modern, non-institutional GeoWatch™, a person can move about without noisy alarms, institutional-looking anklets, and even eliminate the need of locking doors.

Get notification alarms when residents get near danger zones



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Independence and Dignity

Geoangel provides wander management that ensures safety but also promotes quality of life. Independence and dignity aren’t sacrificed in the name of safety. Dementia causes several challenges for those living with memory impairments that are difficult to solve, but wander management doesn’t have to be one of them.

Your Residents and Equipment remotely Monitored

The GeoWach™

A locked, waterproof, and uncuttable watch.

It is not the institutional looking device that you may know.

But a comfortable feeling watch that most people are familiar with.

The GeoWach™

A locked, waterproof, and uncuttable watch.

It is not the institutional looking box, but a comfortable

feeling watch that mirrors a traditional timepiece worn by many.

Wander Management System

Locate Exactly where a resident is In or Out of a Building.

Geoangel uses a real time map of your community that shows where residents are at all times.

By using Geoangel’s  user-friendly app, caregivers can now feel confident about the resident’s location, anywhere… all the time.

Our wander management system can be individualized to know the status of each resident no matter their location.

Warnings Sent to Staff to Avoid Incidents

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With just one tap on their GeoWatch residents request assistance from anywhere.

The nearest caregivers will receive a notification on their device and answer to their need.

This helps residents feeling more confident that they can request help from anywhere, at all times; as well as for nurses to quickly locating residents.


Not all residents have the same needs and challenges, that is why you need a wander management system that can adapt to each resident.

This means that caregivers will be able to manage safe areas for each resident, and receive notification alarms when a resident is out of their safe zone.

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Individualized WMS

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