Better than a WanderGuard


Long Term Care in One System

Geoangel is a new, cutting-edge wander-management and nurse call system.

We give you more information, more accuracy, all at a lower cost than the system standard, Wanderguard.


Fully Individualized Wander Management System

With more customization than Wanderguard, you have access to the entire Geoangel team if you have any questions or need any help.

We take a new approach, one based on a relationship with your facility. We aren’t here to just sell you a product and leave. We are invested in your facility and your residents to make sure their quality of life is as high as it can possibly be.

Better than a Wanderguard 1 wanderguard

Does your WanderGuard beep when it shouldn’t?

Unlike WanderGuard,
Geoangel is not prone to interference.

Better than a Wanderguard 2 wanderguard

Is your WanderGuard reliable?

Our proprietary solution includes
7 simultaneous sensors unlike WanderGuard.

Confortable and Good Looking

Our Geowatch doesn’t have the institutional look and feel of the Wanderguard bracelet.

We’ve taken the time out to find a device that is sleek, modern, customizable and non-institutional so your residents can feel comfortable with wearing the watch.

wanderguard wander management
wanderguard wander management

A Smart Wander Management System

Our mission is to be different than the standard WanderGuard system you are used to.

In order to demonstrate that, we will give you 10% off for choosing us over WanderGuard. All you have to do is set a meeting with the button below telling us that you are ready for a change.

Give your staff the possibility of offering the best caring service

Thanks to Geoangel, staff can spend their time doing what they do best, Caring For Your Residents.

This results in Better Service, Happier Staff, Awesome Familiy Recommendations.


Incredible Set of Features

Better than a Wanderguard 3 wanderguard

Does your WanderGuard help you find your
resident outside the building?

Geoangel allows residents to be located anywhere inside or outside a building, or anywhere on the planet.

Better than a Wanderguard 4 wanderguard

Do your residents remove
their WanderGuard?

Our high-end smartwatches are lockable, uncuttable and include a sensor that notifies you when removed.

Is your WanderGuard connected with
your other facility systems?

Geoangel can not only integrate with your door locks, but can also connect to your security, fire and EMR system.


Freedom and Security

Residents don’t have to feel that they are limited to one area. Depending on their needs, some residents will have the option to walk throughout the grounds without supervision needed. Wearing a watch is a more positive experience as opposed to wearing a band which has an “institutional” feel to it.

Especially for dementia patients, watches are something that your residents will be familiar with so there will be less resistance with introducing the watch to them.

We are always working on improvements to the watch to make it more comfortable for residents so they want to wear it.


Amazing Non Instrusive Alert System

No loud annoying alarms, just a gentle music tone so your residents aren’t frightened by loud obnoxious alarms.

Our low volume, gentle alarm alerts staff that there is a life safety alert, but doesn’t cause a panic like some alarms you may know of.


Mobile Nurse Call

Nurse call available any time anywhere.

If your resident is exploring the grounds and falls, they can call a nearby nurse right away to get any help they may need. This provides staff with the peace of mind that their residents are safe no matter where they are.

Better than a Wanderguard 5 wanderguard

Does your WanderGuard really tell
you where your residents are?

Geoangel knows within 2 inches
where your residents are in the building. Not just when
they are somewhat close to a sensor portal like WanderGuard’s.

Better than a Wanderguard 6 wanderguard

Are WanderGuard’s initial
costs too high?

Geoangel can be implemented
with no upfront costs and a low monthly fee.

Unique Wanger Management and Nurse Call Features

Our location-tracking system can show you where your resident is in real-time.

WanderGuard only tells you when they’re out of the building, without a clue where your resident is. With Geoangel, you can find residents quickly and bring them to safety if they’ve left the building. If you have a family visit, you can direct the family directly to where the resident is, if they aren’t in their room.

A Less Expensive Answer to Wander Management

Geoangel can be implemented with no upfront costs and a low monthly fee. Something WanderGuard can’t provide. Our pricing plan is made with long-term care facilities in mind.


Geoangel can integrate with door locks, security, fire and EMR systems. As opposed to having to go to 5 different vendors to get these services, Geoangel provides them in one bundle so you know exactly who to go to with questions about your service.

Our mission is to make the life of a medical professional easier with our easily integrated platform.


Geoangel’s wander management system is more reliable than the old WanderGuard system that is prone to airwave interference. Geoangel uses a number of techniques to make sure you don’t lose your connection.

No Replacements Needed

Geoangel’s wander-management system is a rechargable device, not a hefty piece of equipment that may break down and cost thousands to replace. If there ever is anything wrong with a watch, we will ship one out to you at no extra cost.

Better than a Wanderguard 7 wanderguard

Too Good to Be True?

We understand that seeing is believing. Our product can do a number of things that simply weren’t possible before. We understand there may be some skepticism with such a new product that can do so many new and game-changing things. We are happy to answer any questions, comments or concerns you may have about Geoangel. Our friendly staff is available 24/7 for anything you may need. Our mission is to be your partners in long term care. We work hard to make sure that we provide a better living experience for your residents.

Contact us and start your journey towards a better LTC.

Our Unique Approach

Geoangel was built to make the day to day work of all care giving personnel more easy and reliable while giving the residents a better way to enjoy their golden years.

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